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Concierge Counseling

Concierge Counseling and Coaching

What if you had access to your therapist more than just once a week? What if you could call, text, or email between sessions and get a quick response? What if your therapist would come to your office for your counseling session? Would this inspire you to make more changes in your life? Would these services allow you to make those changes more quickly, so that you can become who you want to be as soon as possible? As a concierge therapist, I offer these benefits and more.

Benefits of Concierge Counseling:

In Person Sessions

It is a given that you would meet with me in person, but this can be at my office or yours. Your choice. If you choose your office, it should be completely closed, with a real door, to allow for maximum privacy and confidentiality.

Priority Phone Calls

You will be able to consult with me over the phone, even if you don't have an appointment. If I am in session when you call, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am available. I will do my best to call you back within two hours. This service is available during regular business hours and after hours, but if you are having a true emergency, you must call 911 or get to a hospital.

Priority Email Reply

You may consult with me via email at any time during the week and on weekends. Because I am able to receive emails on both my computer and smart phone, email response is usually quick. If I am in session when you email, I will respond as soon as I am able.

Priority Text Message Response

You may consult with me via text message at any time during the week and on weekends. If I am in session when you text, I will respond as soon as I am able.

Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments

If you are experiencing an immediate need to see me, I will find a same-day or next-day appointment for you.

Extended Session Time

Concierge Counseling appointments are 60 minutes in length, instead of the usual 45 minutes.

Session Length Grace

Occasionally, extra time is needed to finish up our discussion or come to a good stopping place. When this happens, I will extend your appointment time by a few minutes.

Concierge Counseling is a flat monthly fee, payable by cash, check, or credit card. Call 214-736-7438 for more information. Concierge Counseling is limited to five clients per month. These spots fill quickly, so be sure to call and reserve your place.

You may be interested in Concierge Counseling if:

You have extensive trauma work you would like to accomplish. We can meet several times per week and use EMDR to clean out the traumatic memories. More frequent sessions can help the process move faster, and help you heal and feel better sooner.

You want to have access to me whenever you feel the need.

You value your emotional health and the benefits of reducing the effects of anxiety and depression, and want to create positive relationships in your life.

You don't want to be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis.

You don't want a mental illness diagnosis to follow you throughout your insured life.

You want your personal history to remain confidential. I can control my own files and records, but I can't control what happens at an insurance company.

You want the power to choose your own therapist instead of being limited to a list of names on an insurance company's list.

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