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Women's Issues

Sometimes it's hard being a woman because there is so much required from us. We are often pulled in many directions: family, work, friends and other relationships, church commitments, school, and more.

Maybe you are struggling in your marriage or feeling that dreaded "mom guilt" about whether or not you're a good mother. Maybe you are single, wondering if you'll ever find the right person to share your life with. Or it could be that you are reeling from a divorce or breakup, or having difficulty with your career path. Maybe you struggle with the desire to have a child, but you don't know if that will ever happen for you. Or you may feel shame over a decision to have an abortion.

I'm here to help you deal with these situations, and others that are unique to women. Sometimes others in our lives don't understand the shame, guilt, and pain we feel over choices we have made or situations that are beyond our control. I get it because I'm a woman, too.

Are you tired of comparing yourself to other women and finding you don't measure up? Here's some good news: they don't measure up, either. We often think another lady has it all together: She looks perfect; her kids are well behaved and so smart; her husband is handsome and romantic; her house is completely organized all the time. But, it's not true. Whatever you think you see on the outside does not give you an accurate picture of what's going on on the inside. This woman has insecurities, too. She doesn't like the way her body looks in a bathing suit. She's always hated her nose. Her children sometimes make her crazy. Her husband doesn't always follow through with what he said he would do. Her house gets messy. More good news: you don't have to compete with her. She's just like you, trying to do her best and keep her head above water.

You thought this relationship would last forever. Or maybe not "forever," but for longer than it did. You were surprised when it ended. Or maybe you were the one who had to end it. Either way, it's painful. Even if you are glad to be free, the end of a relationship can still hurt. That's normal. You have spent time with this person. You have loved this person. You have shared yourself, your thoughts, and your dreams with this person. And now it's over. It's time to move on, but maybe you're having a hard time doing that. Let's talk about why that is, what's keeping you from letting go and moving forward.

Abortion can cause feelings of shame, guilt, relief, pain, sadness, hurt, grief, depression, and more. It's normal to feel any of these feelings. You may feel like people are judging you, you may regret your decision to end your pregnancy, or you may feel relieved that you no longer have to deal with the reality of a baby on the way. I provide a safe place for you to talk about this. I will not judge you. I am here to support you and help you work through whatever you are dealing with. Many, many women have had abortions for various reasons. You are not alone.

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