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Helen E. Chalmers, MS, LPC, NCC

Set yourself up for success!

Set yourself up for success! Each day, each week, each month is your chance to make a new start. If you keep meaning to work on a certain issue or get help with a particular problem that will make a positive difference in your life, but you've been putting it off, now is the time to do something about it. Start fresh and make a change. Take charge of your own life and make it what you want it to be. Together, we can create a plan to meet, or even exceed, your goals. Let's get started!

Are you hurting from a recent loss?

Are you struggling with traumatic memories or nightmares?

Do you hurt yourself in order to feel better or cope with difficult feelings? I help women who have experienced trauma work through their traumatic memories so that they can live a life of freedom and peace.

My goal is to give you a place to heal where you feel safe and accepted. I don't want to make you dependent on me as your therapist. I want to teach you coping skills and help you work through your issues, so that you can move forward and live the life you want to have.

My office is located in Plano, Texas, at Park Blvd and Highway 75 (Central Expressway) minutes from Uptown, Preston Hollow, and the Park Cities. I work with adults and adolescents, ages 12 and up. My clients are serious about getting better and dealing with their "stuff." They make their appointments a priority and want to do the therapeutic work required to make changes in their lives.

Call or email me to schedule an appointment, and start feeling like yourself again.

Sometimes people feel embarrassed or scared to share what they have been through. Maybe they think it's their fault it happened, or that they should be able to handle the problem on their own. I am extremely open and accepting, and I will not judge you. I am here to help you, not to hurt you. It may be hard to trust at first, especially if you have endured a lot of pain in your life, and have had many people let you down. That's okay: I'm very patient, and I realize everyone heals at a different pace. I want you to get the help you need, whether that is from me or from someone else. If you don't feel comfortable with me, I don't take it personally. My primary concern is for you to have a helpful, healing counseling experience. I want that for you.

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